Electronic LCA Posting and PAF Storage.

Posting electronic Labor Condition Applications and maintaining electronic Public Access Files has never been easier. LaborLess takes the busy work out of LCA compliance with just a few clicks.

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Electronic LCA Posting

LCA Compliance. Simplified.

Whether you’re an immigration lawyer, corporate immigration specialist, or HR professional in charge of onboarding foreign talent, LaborLess lets you easily post electronic LCAs for your H-1B, H-1B1 and E-3 hires, create corresponding electronic PAFs, and comply with U.S. Department of Labor regulations all in one place.

Electronic LCA Posting on the Cloud

Electronic LCA Posting

Upload your LCA

The process is simple. Upload your initiated LCA, capture important information, and create an electronic record with the click of a button. You can edit the record, check against the actual LCA form, and save your progress along the way.

Post your LCA

Posting has never been easier. Once you’ve confirmed the LCA record is accurate, post it electronically on the LaborLess online bulletin or your company’s intranet. No need to print it, send it to each work location, or worry about stapling it in the wrong place.


Track the progress of your posted electronic LCAs and take them down with the click of a button. Our system ensures your posting remains compliant throughout its life-cycle leaving you with more time to work on your business.

Electronic PAF Management

Create your PAF

A corresponding electronic PAF is automatically created from the LCA posting and petitioner profile. Easily upload additional documents as needed.


Once your electronic LCA posting comes down, the PAF is updated with a timestamp. Review and finalize the PAF, and retain a record for the right period of time.

Share your PAF

If you get a public request or undergo an audit, you can easily export or digitally share your PAFs with the interested party. Gone are the days of office visits and sharing thousands of physical folders.

What Our Clients Say

"I absolutely love using LaborLess for our LCA postings and PAF’s. It’s very user friendly and most importantly, it helps our company stay in compliance. The LaborLess team always provides a topnotch service and are available anytime to answer questions. Would highly recommend this software to any US Immigration Professional!"

"Electronic LCA posting and online storage of PAFs is life changing. LaborLess facilitates the LCA posting and PAF creation process in a way that allows us to quickly and efficiently onboard new clients who have never previously filed an H-1B. LaborLess simplifies a process that has plagued immigration lawyers for ages."

"Working with Laborless has greatly streamlined our LCA posting process. LaborLess provides an excellent, user-friendly, system for all aspects of LCA posting and PAF compliance. The team is passionate and always available to assist with any issues, while working with us to accommodate our company’s individual needs. "

We Can Help You:

Post electronic LCA notices.
Schedule automatic LCA takedown.
Automatically record LCA posting and removal dates.
Post electronic LCAs for Third Party Worksites.
Create, manage and retain electronic PAFs.
Create reports and alerts for your LCA activity.
Promote compliance with DOL regulations and audits.
Save time, money and paper.

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